Cetus Beachfront

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CETUS Beachfront Pattaya, the beach front accommodation built in the style of a Modern Resort with emphasis on experiencing nature up close with the highest quality and standards of the «Triple T» concept.

Feel close to nature and soak up the sea view through the large glass window. Fulfill your spirit with the outside atmosphere and gaze out at the endless sea on the front.

Decorative patterns with stylish lines and details that uniquely play its level with the rhythm; Bringing a touch of wood to provide a natural ambience and soften the stiffness of the building, perfectly emphasising the ultimate true seaside resort. With a building design that meets every function, with natural materials such as stone and wood used as decorative elements, s the inhabitant feels a sense of being closer to nature; Hence healthy living, peace of the body and mind plus a fulfilment of energy and inspiration in their daily lives.

Each room is created to absorb the sea view. It is designed with a split living room and the rest with stylish large glass doors and large windows to bring you to the view. The function room can be the most versatile. According to your preferences, it can be adapted with ease; as a second living room, an office, a library, a place for exercise or even a room for special guests. The idea for the design of the building and interior decoration of projects were brought from the concept of taking a vacation in a villa style focusing on the wholesome air of a natural breeze blended with the style of a beachfront resort. We therefore use natural-touch materials that make it a little different.

These materials are simple yet a stylish selection of colors and textiles that combine seamlessly. Also, these come with the added features and practicality to ensure the best comfort and the highest benefits for residents. Superior quality materials such as wood, cotton, granite tiles and sanitary fittings are carefully selected to enable you to experience the luxury and relaxation in the style of a Modern Beachfront Resort.

Jomtien Beach is beautiful, popular with both Thai and foreign tourists.

Most of the tourists come for sun bathing, enjoying the sea or water sports like parasailing, jetskiing, banana boats or paramotor, etc. Travelling around is easy, by a variety of routes such as Sukhumvit road, along the Jomtien Beach and the Na Jomtien 2nd road which will be completed in the near future

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三月 2012 六月 2015 完成
50 m


  • Swimming pool
  • Kids pool
  • Fitness and Gym
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Rooftop Pool
  • Security
  • Concierge


Cetus Tower (住房 - 343)
房间 价格为从 价格为到
3 房间 850 6.256.000 8.644.000 卖!
Cetus Villa (住房 - 16)
房间 价格为从 价格为到
Cetus Tower (住房 - 343)
房间 价格为从 价格为到
4房间 850 195.500 270.125
Cetus Villa (住房 - 16)
房间 价格为从 价格为到


Thai Ownership
10% - Deposit
20% - Paid over 36 installment
70% - Balance
Foreigner Ownership
15% - Deposit
35% - Paid Over 36 Installment
50% - Balance

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