City Garden Pratumnak

从 1.302.000 THB



After the success of City Garden Pattaya, the developer has now announced they will be starting construction of City Garden Pratumnak in Q2 2013. The scheduled completion date will be Q2 2015.

City Garden Pratumnak will comprise two low rise buildings providing boutique style living. The location is at the ever popular Cozy Beach area of Pratumnak Hill.

The developer has priced the project very aggressively. Studio units start at just 45,000 Baht per sqm and 1 bedroom units at 50,000 Baht per sqm.

These price levels have not been seen for new developments in the Pratumnak Hill area for some time. With the reputation of the developer, the unbeatable pricing and the great location, City Garden Pratumnak has already attracted reservations on more than 25% of the 157 units available. The reservations have been from savvy investors looking to take advantage of the pre launch prices.

Unit sizes in Building A are 32.31 sqm & 39.16 sqm. In Building B, 26.57 sqm, 32.31 sqm & 59.37 sqm. It is possible to buy adjoining units to create a larger living space or a multi bedroom unit.

Every unit in City Garden Pratumnak comes fully furnished. The project will also have all the amenities that discerning buyers are expecting from developers. These will include :

24 hour Security Sauna Jacuzzi Gymnasium Pool

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十月 2013 九月 2015 完成
400 m


  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness and Gym
  • Parking
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Security
  • Concierge
  • Garden
  • Sauna
  • CCTV
  • Fire alarms


Building A (住房 - 88)
房间 价格为从 价格为到
1 房间 32.3 1.603.000 2.395.000 卖!
1 房间 39.1 1.993.000 2.897.000 卖!
Building B (住房 - 88)
房间 价格为从 价格为到
单间公寓 26.5 1.302.000 1.970.000 卖!
1 房间 32.3 1.616.000 2.426.000 卖!
1 房间 59.3 3.819.000 4.231.000 卖!
Building A (住房 - 88)
房间 价格为从 价格为到
2房间 32.3 50.094 74.844
2房间 39.1 62.282 90.532
Building B (住房 - 88)
房间 价格为从 价格为到
单间公寓 26.5 40.688 61.563
2房间 32.3 50.500 75.813
2房间 59.3 119.344 132.219


20,000 Baht – booking
30% – contract
60% payable in quarterly installments over the construction period
10% – key

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